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Give Yourself The Gift of Regeneration

As we head into the holiday season, it is the perfect time to give yourself the gift of regeneration. Did you know at Spokane Oral Surgery we offer cosmetic procedures? You can feel and look your best through the whole holiday season after one visit with us. Dr.’s Freuen and Hauck are specially trained to offer quick in-office procedures to put your best face forward throughout holiday parties and engagements.
Fight frown lines, wrinkles, smile lines, and crow’s feet to bring out your natural beauty. We also offer procedures to achieve fuller lips and cheeks. Our in office product lines include Dysport and Restylane to offer the best and safest cosmetic procedures for our patients.
Entering into a stressful and busy season is the perfect time to treat yourself to the cosmetic procedure you’ve always wanted to try. Our doctors strive to help patients achieve a youthful, rested appearance while still looking completely natural.
Now is the perfect time schedule so you can head into the holidays looking and feeling regenerated. At Spokane Oral Surgery, we strive to help our patients achieve the healthy and beautiful smiles they’ve always dreamed of. We not only offer cosmetic procedures, but also help people achieve health and beautiful smiles with dental implants, bone grafting, and much more. Don’t head into another season feeling insecure, or simply wishing you would have taken care of your smile lines earlier. Now is the perfect time to feel more confident with a cosmetic procedure, and the effects will last through the whole holiday season.

Your best smile and youthful complexion is waiting for you at Spokane Oral Surgery. Call us today to schedule an appointment for cosmetic procedures or dental needs. You can contact us at 509-242-3336 to schedule at our North side office (located off Nevada), or our South side office on Stone. We look forward to helping you have the best holiday season yet!

30 Days of Thankfulness

This November, Spokane Oral Surgery is thankful for YOU! We love serving our patients and are so grateful every day to impact the greater Spokane area. Starting November first, our team began the 30 Days of Thankfulness Challenge. As we head into thanksgiving, we wanted to share with our Facebook community ways that we are thankful.

We have served the greater Spokane area since 1985. We are thankful that Dr. Terrance Hauck and Dr. Nicholas Freuen have strived to maintain the level of service and excellent care we were founded with alive in our practice to this day. We are able to offer patients from all over Spokane and the Inland Northwest excellent care for all surgical needs, including Wisdom Tooth Removal, Dental Implants, Bone Grafting, and much much more! We even are trained to offer cosmetic procedures and sleep apnea training.

A lot of our Thankfulness Challenge posts have revolved around our staff and the excellent community of health care providers we get to work with in our city. Starting with the first person you see at the front desk, we are thankful to have a team that is passionate about serving our patients in the best and most compassionate way possible. From Kaci, our billing specialist with a can-do attitude, to Nurse Natalie who serves out patients with a kind heart and wears the hat of Clinical Supervisor, we are so thankful for our staff!

Join us in the Thankfulness challenge, and write us a little note in the comments of one of our thankfulness posts on Facebook to let us know you are joining along! Tis the season to be thankful and share our thanks with others. And don’t forget, from our amazing team at Spokane Oral Surgery, we are thankful for you!




Spokane Oral Surgery’s Tips for A Healthy Halloween

Happy Halloween from your team at Spokane Oral Surgery! We wanted to bring you some tips for a healthy Halloween so you won’t be like the ghost. When he found out he had cavities he said BOO-HOO!

Halloween can be a scary time for your teeth, but it doesn’t have to be. For all you parents worried about your kiddos teeth (and stomach!), don’t worry. We’ve got a plan for you!

Have a Set “Candy Time”

Timing matters for teeth. Snacking throughout the whole day, whether candy or goldfish, means teeth are under constant attack. Frequent snacking, or eating sugary food or drinks puts people at a high risk for cavities. When it comes to Halloween candy, it is best to have a set time to eat it. After a meal is best for the teeth because saliva, which aids in rinsing the teeth from bacteria is at it’s highest production during meals. And here is the important part: eat the candy, and be done. We don’t want teeth under attack for longer than they need to be.

Don’t skimp on Brushing

Keeping up your oral health habits will ward off those scary sugar bugs as well. Make sure kids are brushing and flossing properly, and drinking plenty of water, which is great for teeth as well. Staying away from sticky candy is also a good idea for protecting teeth. Like we mentioned above the longer sugar stays on the teeth the worse off they are.

Limit The Amount
Have a plan and stick to it. You and your kiddos’ teeth and whole bodies will thank you for lessening that huge pile of candy. Pick your favorites and donate the rest.

Above all, we wish you a safe and fun Halloween from your Spokane Oral Surgery team. And don’t forget to tell some of these candy-corny jokes to all the ghouls and boys trick or treating:

Why Did the Vampire need mouth rinse?
Because he had bat breath.

How are vampires like dentures?
They both come out at night.

Why was the mummy’s head wrapped?
He had a tooth ache

Why can’t the skeleton stop smiling?
He just got his teeth cleaned

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Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction Instructions

Wisdom teeth extraction is a procedure where post-operative care is very important for healing. Post wisdom teeth extraction, there are some specific instructions patients should follow to minimize the risk of infection or poor healing. At Spokane Oral Surgery we provide our patients with all the information they need for successful healing post-op, and wanted to supply this handy guide that is easy to find for our patients on the blog along with the care instructions we provide in person.

Immediately After

Our team will discharge the patient when it is safest and best for their body to leave. The area the tooth was extracted from will be packed with sterile gauze, and the doctor will instruct how long to leave the gauze packed in before removing and disposing of it, usually at least a half hour.

Handle With Care

Especially the day of surgery, it is important to be extremely careful with the area of extraction. Do not touch the wound or rinse with water or any other substance immediately after, as this can increase risk of infection or cause more bleeding. It is best to go home and relax the rest of the day after a wisdom tooth extraction.
A liquid diet immediately following the procedure is recommended, although without the use of straws. Using a straw can dislodge the blood clot formed in the wound and cause excess bleeding. To promote healing and get back to “normal”, it is important to stay hydrated and drink often through the first several days where solid food is limited.

Follow Doctor’s Instructions

Each patient is sent home with care instructions and prescriptions specific to their needs. It is best to take the prescribed or recommended pain medication as soon as the patient begins to feel discomfort, which is when the local anesthesia used in the procedure begins to wear off.
Our team will instruct patients how to keep the wound area and the rest of their mouth clean as well. Again, immediately after the surgery it is not recommended to rinse, but our care instructions will inform the patient when to begin rinsing and how to care for the area and the rest of their teeth. Icing the side of the face the extraction was performed on will also help with pain and swelling.

Some bleeding is normal, as well as swelling . Some patients do experience nausea due to swallowed blood, discomfort, or medication. Staying hydrated will help lessen nausea symptoms. Our team will give expectations and guidelines for what to anticipate in the healing process, and we are always available to answer questions if something doesn’t seem quite right.

To schedule a wisdom tooth extraction with Spokane Oral Surgery, call us today at (509) 242-3336.

We love our Community!

Our Spokane Oral Surgery team loves our community! We not only strive to provide the best possible dental care, but we make a priority to give back to our community any way we can. Our passion is seeing this amazing Spokane community flourish, and most know us for that ability in the dental field. But did you know that Spokane Oral Surgery is actively involved in serving our community regularly?

One of the ways Dr. Freuen and Dr. Hauck poured into our community this summer and fall was by providing custom mouth guards with Golden Dental Lab to the Ferris high school football team!

We know that studies show that custom fit mouth guards can reduce concussion and traumatic brain injury instances. Concussion risk in football has been a hot button topic because of its serious consequences in athletes’ lives. Our mouth guards will not only protect Ferris football players’ smiles, but will lower concussion risk as well.

Some other highlights from our August and September community impact included a food bank volunteer night with Dr. Hauck at Second Harvest food bank. We are so thankful for our Spokane community and love to partner with local organizations to serve our neighbors.

Lastly, Dr. Freuen will be volunteering again this year at Dentistry from the Heart on September 21st. Dr. Freuen, along with Northview Family Dental, will be providing free dental care to people in our community. If you have a family member or friend who doesn’t have access to dental care, let them know! Dr. Freuen is generously donating his time and skills to this cause, and you can RSVP to come here.
Come get to know our team more not just in the community, but in our dental office as well! We perform a variety of procedures like teeth in a day/all on four, dental implants, wisdom teeth extraction, and even cosmetic procedures. To schedule and appointment or consultation, give us a call today at (509) 242-3336.

Why Do I Need an Oral Surgeon?


Oral surgery should be a safe and comfortable experience for every patient. But many ask, why do I need an oral surgeon? Why do I need to be referred from my general dentist to a surgeon, if it is a procedure in my mouth? At Spokane Oral Surgery, we know a big part of making our patients comfortable is through knowledge. Today on the blog we will answer your questions about the necessity of an oral surgeon.

The Referral
Initially, most patients want to understand why they need to be referred out for a procedure anyways. To put it simply, if a patient is referred it means that the procedure would be too complicated to perform in a general dentist office. Whether better imaging is required, better technology, more extensive training, or general anesthesia, an oral surgery practice is the place!

The Oral Surgeon
All dentists go through 7 or 8 years of school to earn their DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree. This degree allows a dentist to practice general dentistry, and do all of the common procedures you think of when going to the dentist. An oral surgeon, after obtaining a DDS or DMD after dental school, goes on to four to six more years of school and residency in a surgery setting.

That’s a lot of training! Due to this extensive training, our doctors at Spokane Oral Surgery, Dr. Hauck and Dr. Freuen, are qualified and have excellent experience in performing more complicated procedures using different types or levels of anesthesia.

The Procedures
At Spokane Oral Surgery, we see a wide range of patients with a variety of needs. Dental implants are an important part of our practice, and an excellent way we help our patients missing teeth maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. We even offer All on 4/Teeth in a Day, where we are able to place an implant and crown in a day, instead of a series of appointments.
Dr.’s Freuen and Hauck remove wisdom teeth, as well as perform major and minor bone grafts and jaw surgeries. At Spokane Oral Surgery we are also happy to treat sleep apnea patients and help them get a good night’s sleep with oral or dental appliances, increasing their overall health. Lastly, both Dr. Hauck and Dr. Freuen offer cosmetic procedures in office to treat wrinkles, smile lines, and crow’s feet. We also are able to provide fuller cheeks and lips.

The Technology
At Spokane Oral Surgery, we have state of the art technology that ensures every diagnosis is complete, and every procedure is performed with total confidence. In office, we have 3D imaging that offers Dr. Hauck and Dr. Freuen clear and precise imaging of the exact area that needs treatment. Not only do we have the latest 3D imaging at Spokane Oral Surgery, we also have equipment to perform all of the procedures listed above and on our site with excellence and safety, never sacrificing patient comfort.

The Spokane Oral Surgery Way
Above all, you are our top priority, and why we do everything we do! At Spokane Oral Surgery, we want to not only treat our patients with utmost care and perform procedures with excellence, we prioritize patient comfort as well. Call today to schedule a consultation to talk about wisdom teeth removal, Teeth in a Day, or to address any other oral concern.

Teeth in a Day at Spokane Oral Surgery

At Spokane Oral Surgery, it is possible to walk out of our office with a completely transformed smile in a single day. Yes, you read that right, we offer Teeth in just one Day at Spokane Oral Surgery! With our excellent providers Dr. Hauck DDS, MD and Dr. Freuen DDS, MD, we can perform an extraction, place an implant, and attach a new set of teeth in a single day.

What are Teeth in a Day?

Teeth in a Day is a system we utilize that enables our patients to leave the office with a new smile the same day as extractions (getting teeth pulled). Dental implants are essentially prosthetic teeth. A small metal post is placed in the jaw to mimic the root of a natural tooth, and the bone under the gums eventually grows around it like a natural tooth. Then a single crown, bridge, or denture is secured onto the post. The result is a tooth, or group of teeth that looks real and is a permanent, healthy addition to a patient’s smile. Dental implants help maintain healthy bone levels in the mouth and lessen common problems with traditional dentures and bridges. For patients with optimal bone level and no other complications, all of this can be done in a day.

How Do We Do it?

With in office 3D imaging, Dr. Hauck and Dr. Freuen make custom treatment plans based on each individual patient’s bone level and anatomy. The implants are planned for perfect placement and spacing for best results of overall health for the patient. During the procedure a tooth or teeth are extracted. Implants are placed in the planned location and secured, and the brand new teeth are attached to the implant. Lastly, our favorite part: the patient walks away with a healthy new smile!

If you are dissatisfied with gaps in your smile from missing teeth, have problems with your removable dentures, or know you need extractions, contact us today to learn more about Teeth in a Day. We offer different levels of anesthesia along with our excellent care to give our patients the most comfortable experience at both our North and South offices. We look forward to transforming your smile!