Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction Instructions

Wisdom teeth extraction is a procedure where post-operative care is very important for healing. Post wisdom teeth extraction, there are some specific instructions patients should follow to minimize the risk of infection or poor healing. At Spokane Oral Surgery we provide our patients with all the information they need for successful healing post-op, and wanted to supply this handy guide that is easy to find for our patients on the blog along with the care instructions we provide in person.

Immediately After

Our team will discharge the patient when it is safest and best for their body to leave. The area the tooth was extracted from will be packed with sterile gauze, and the doctor will instruct how long to leave the gauze packed in before removing and disposing of it, usually at least a half hour.

Handle With Care

Especially the day of surgery, it is important to be extremely careful with the area of extraction. Do not touch the wound or rinse with water or any other substance immediately after, as this can increase risk of infection or cause more bleeding. It is best to go home and relax the rest of the day after a wisdom tooth extraction.
A liquid diet immediately following the procedure is recommended, although without the use of straws. Using a straw can dislodge the blood clot formed in the wound and cause excess bleeding. To promote healing and get back to “normal”, it is important to stay hydrated and drink often through the first several days where solid food is limited.

Follow Doctor’s Instructions

Each patient is sent home with care instructions and prescriptions specific to their needs. It is best to take the prescribed or recommended pain medication as soon as the patient begins to feel discomfort, which is when the local anesthesia used in the procedure begins to wear off.
Our team will instruct patients how to keep the wound area and the rest of their mouth clean as well. Again, immediately after the surgery it is not recommended to rinse, but our care instructions will inform the patient when to begin rinsing and how to care for the area and the rest of their teeth. Icing the side of the face the extraction was performed on will also help with pain and swelling.

Some bleeding is normal, as well as swelling . Some patients do experience nausea due to swallowed blood, discomfort, or medication. Staying hydrated will help lessen nausea symptoms. Our team will give expectations and guidelines for what to anticipate in the healing process, and we are always available to answer questions if something doesn’t seem quite right.

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