Spokane Oral Surgery’s Tips for A Healthy Halloween

Happy Halloween from your team at Spokane Oral Surgery! We wanted to bring you some tips for a healthy Halloween so you won’t be like the ghost. When he found out he had cavities he said BOO-HOO!

Halloween can be a scary time for your teeth, but it doesn’t have to be. For all you parents worried about your kiddos teeth (and stomach!), don’t worry. We’ve got a plan for you!

Have a Set “Candy Time”

Timing matters for teeth. Snacking throughout the whole day, whether candy or goldfish, means teeth are under constant attack. Frequent snacking, or eating sugary food or drinks puts people at a high risk for cavities. When it comes to Halloween candy, it is best to have a set time to eat it. After a meal is best for the teeth because saliva, which aids in rinsing the teeth from bacteria is at it’s highest production during meals. And here is the important part: eat the candy, and be done. We don’t want teeth under attack for longer than they need to be.

Don’t skimp on Brushing

Keeping up your oral health habits will ward off those scary sugar bugs as well. Make sure kids are brushing and flossing properly, and drinking plenty of water, which is great for teeth as well. Staying away from sticky candy is also a good idea for protecting teeth. Like we mentioned above the longer sugar stays on the teeth the worse off they are.

Limit The Amount
Have a plan and stick to it. You and your kiddos’ teeth and whole bodies will thank you for lessening that huge pile of candy. Pick your favorites and donate the rest.

Above all, we wish you a safe and fun Halloween from your Spokane Oral Surgery team. And don’t forget to tell some of these candy-corny jokes to all the ghouls and boys trick or treating:

Why Did the Vampire need mouth rinse?
Because he had bat breath.

How are vampires like dentures?
They both come out at night.

Why was the mummy’s head wrapped?
He had a tooth ache

Why can’t the skeleton stop smiling?
He just got his teeth cleaned

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