Teeth in a Day at Spokane Oral Surgery

At Spokane Oral Surgery, it is possible to walk out of our office with a completely transformed smile in a single day. Yes, you read that right, we offer Teeth in just one Day at Spokane Oral Surgery! With our excellent providers Dr. Hauck DDS, MD and Dr. Freuen DDS, MD, we can perform an extraction, place an implant, and attach a new set of teeth in a single day.

What are Teeth in a Day?

Teeth in a Day is a system we utilize that enables our patients to leave the office with a new smile the same day as extractions (getting teeth pulled). Dental implants are essentially prosthetic teeth. A small metal post is placed in the jaw to mimic the root of a natural tooth, and the bone under the gums eventually grows around it like a natural tooth. Then a single crown, bridge, or denture is secured onto the post. The result is a tooth, or group of teeth that looks real and is a permanent, healthy addition to a patient’s smile. Dental implants help maintain healthy bone levels in the mouth and lessen common problems with traditional dentures and bridges. For patients with optimal bone level and no other complications, all of this can be done in a day.

How Do We Do it?

With in office 3D imaging, Dr. Hauck and Dr. Freuen make custom treatment plans based on each individual patient’s bone level and anatomy. The implants are planned for perfect placement and spacing for best results of overall health for the patient. During the procedure a tooth or teeth are extracted. Implants are placed in the planned location and secured, and the brand new teeth are attached to the implant. Lastly, our favorite part: the patient walks away with a healthy new smile!

If you are dissatisfied with gaps in your smile from missing teeth, have problems with your removable dentures, or know you need extractions, contact us today to learn more about Teeth in a Day. We offer different levels of anesthesia along with our excellent care to give our patients the most comfortable experience at both our North and South offices. We look forward to transforming your smile!