Why Do I Need an Oral Surgeon?


Oral surgery should be a safe and comfortable experience for every patient. But many ask, why do I need an oral surgeon? Why do I need to be referred from my general dentist to a surgeon, if it is a procedure in my mouth? At Spokane Oral Surgery, we know a big part of making our patients comfortable is through knowledge. Today on the blog we will answer your questions about the necessity of an oral surgeon.

The Referral
Initially, most patients want to understand why they need to be referred out for a procedure anyways. To put it simply, if a patient is referred it means that the procedure would be too complicated to perform in a general dentist office. Whether better imaging is required, better technology, more extensive training, or general anesthesia, an oral surgery practice is the place!

The Oral Surgeon
All dentists go through 7 or 8 years of school to earn their DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree. This degree allows a dentist to practice general dentistry, and do all of the common procedures you think of when going to the dentist. An oral surgeon, after obtaining a DDS or DMD after dental school, goes on to four to six more years of school and residency in a surgery setting.

That’s a lot of training! Due to this extensive training, our doctors at Spokane Oral Surgery, Dr. Hauck and Dr. Freuen, are qualified and have excellent experience in performing more complicated procedures using different types or levels of anesthesia.

The Procedures
At Spokane Oral Surgery, we see a wide range of patients with a variety of needs. Dental implants are an important part of our practice, and an excellent way we help our patients missing teeth maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. We even offer All on 4/Teeth in a Day, where we are able to place an implant and crown in a day, instead of a series of appointments.
Dr.’s Freuen and Hauck remove wisdom teeth, as well as perform major and minor bone grafts and jaw surgeries. At Spokane Oral Surgery we are also happy to treat sleep apnea patients and help them get a good night’s sleep with oral or dental appliances, increasing their overall health. Lastly, both Dr. Hauck and Dr. Freuen offer cosmetic procedures in office to treat wrinkles, smile lines, and crow’s feet. We also are able to provide fuller cheeks and lips.

The Technology
At Spokane Oral Surgery, we have state of the art technology that ensures every diagnosis is complete, and every procedure is performed with total confidence. In office, we have 3D imaging that offers Dr. Hauck and Dr. Freuen clear and precise imaging of the exact area that needs treatment. Not only do we have the latest 3D imaging at Spokane Oral Surgery, we also have equipment to perform all of the procedures listed above and on our site with excellence and safety, never sacrificing patient comfort.

The Spokane Oral Surgery Way
Above all, you are our top priority, and why we do everything we do! At Spokane Oral Surgery, we want to not only treat our patients with utmost care and perform procedures with excellence, we prioritize patient comfort as well. Call today to schedule a consultation to talk about wisdom teeth removal, Teeth in a Day, or to address any other oral concern.