Dental Implants and All on 4 Spokane Dental Surgery

If you had dental issues and was advised to go through a surgery, you may think that you have no other options. But wait, there is an option for you to avoid the extended treatment time. All on 4 in Spokane or teeth in a day is an innovative dental procedure that is possible for you.

Spokane Oral Surgery offers unique teeth in a day system that provides a stable dental implant placement and lets you go home the same day with a new set of teeth. The process may include tooth extractions with a chance to go home with a functional set of teeth with less recovery time.

Dental Surgery

Healthy teeth require oral maintenance and regular oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing.

Traditional dental implants are expensive, while all on 4 procedure has lessened the dental cost. Dental implants are created as a permanent answer to teeth replacement problems. Prior to dental implants, the only option we have is to settle with a dental denture and it is considered to be just a temporary solution. Dentures did not solve the root of the problem and it is inconvenient to use.

Dental implants replace the missing tooth with quality porcelain rooted in the jawbone and attached to a metal post. The implants are permanently rooted, no need to be taken off for cleaning, unlike dentures. Dental implants, however, require multiple surgeries. It takes weeks to heal the jaw bone, and ample time needed for the metal rods to fuse securely in place.

Advantages of Teeth in Day

The teeth in day procedure are carried out the same as the surgical procedure for a normal dental implant. Innovation has changed some of the procedure and it only takes around ten hours to finish the surgery. After the surgery, the patient will walk out of the surgery room with functional new teeth in place. This may sound ridiculous to believe as it does not require time for the jawbone to heal and the metal rods are securely fixed in place.

Don’t worry, the new technology involved in the procedure has developed the treatment exponentially and is very safe. The teeth in a day procedure, however, is only performed for those with healthy jawbones and has no record of weakness or infection in the jawbone. If the patient has a history of infection, weak or unhealthy jawbone, teeth in a day procedure are not possible to perform.

The eligibility requirement is important for dental surgeons to carry out the procedure. The reason for this is that a healthy and strong jawbone can withstand the complexity of the procedure in a short span of time and also to avoid possible complications.

After the completion of the procedure in a day, patient’s can get out of the surgery room with a great new smile from the new implanted teeth. No more weeks of embarrassment and hiding the missing teeth, unable to give out a big smile.

Teeth in a day procedure or all on 4 Spokane has changed lives. We at Spokane Oral Surgery is dedicated to providing you this state-of-the-art technology. Our dental surgeons are highly skilled and can surely bring your smile back in a day. Call us now to schedule your appointment.