Jaw Surgery in Spokane

Orthognathic surgery, or corrective jaw surgery, is performed by a maxillofacial surgeon and oral surgeon with the aim of correcting dental irregularities, misalignment of jaws and teeth, or skeletal problems in the jaw. Jaw surgery in Spokane may be done by specialists from clinics such as Spokane Oral Surgery.

Conditions Indicating Need for Corrective Jaw Surgery

This kind of surgery is not done for aesthetic purposes. Rather, the corrective surgery has improved the quality of life of patients who have undergone the treatment.

The following are some indications of the need for jaw surgery:

  • If there is any difficulty chewing or biting food.
  • Swallowing is difficult.
  • Pain in the jaw or jaw joint, or what is called temporomandibular joint or TMJ
  • Open bite. This is a situation wherein there is space between the lower teeth and upper teeth when the mouth is closed.
  • The face is not balanced when seen from the front view and the side view.
  • When the patient has sustained a facial injury
  • The condition may also be congenital or something that has been there since the birth of a person
  • A lower jaw and chin that recedes
  • Chronic breathing through the mouth
  • Sleep apnea
  • A person who is unable to make his lips meet without straining

The above conditions are just the outward manifestations that jaw surgery is needed. However, the root cause of the problem may have been brought about by an accident, or it may have been congenital. Some congenital conditions get it as a result of differences in the rate of growth by the upper and lower jaws. This results in problems with chewing functions, long-term oral health, and even appearance.

Although there are risks associated with jaw surgery, the benefits of undergoing one outweigh the risks. The list below shows all the reasons why jaw surgery is done.

Why Its Done

  • It makes biting and chewing easier. There is an overall improvement in chewing.
  • The surgery corrects speech or swallowing problems.
  • It corrects facial imbalance.
  • Avoid or minimize excessive breakdown and wear of teeth.
  • Corrects issues on jaw closure.
  • Relieve pain brought by TMJ.
  • Repair birth defects or facial injury
  • Corrects sleep apnea

Doctors Hauck and Freuen, the resident doctors at Spokane Oral Surgery have been extensively trained and have the experience for this kind of surgery. They use modern 3D modeling and computer techniques to show you what the situation is, how it will be corrected, and the expected result. Such a graphic representation of the procedure helps patients understand what they will undergo and help them make a quality decision.

In the hands of expert surgeons who will collaborate with your orthodontist, your jaw problem will be a thing of the past. Any treatment for jaw surgery in Spokane will be preceded by examinations that may involve dental x-ray, consultation, discussions with you, your dentist and orthodontist. The objective will always be to bring the best possible solution to the jaw problem that can be painful and uncomfortable.

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