Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth that grow in the mouth. Our smaller jaw may not be able to accommodate these wisdom teeth. Thus, they grow sideways and become trapped in the jawbone. This can lead to teeth issues such as plaque, cavities, teeth decay, inflammation, and so forth. Nonetheless, you can prevent these teeth issues by removing your wisdom teeth. For your tooth extraction in Spokane, WA, always turn to Spokane Oral Surgery.

At Spokane Oral Surgery, we are dedicated to providing a safe and pain-free wisdom teeth extraction procedure. Our tooth extraction is carried out by our qualified team of well-experienced dentists. The extraction procedure is done using state-of-the-art dental equipment and innovative techniques. With this, we can help remove your poorly positioned wisdom teeth with minimal pains.

For several years, we have been serving the tooth extraction needs of a lot of patients in Spokane and nearby communities. Our high success rate and minimal complications speak for us. We are also experts in extracting other poorly positioned teeth as well as teeth affected by dental diseases, decay, or infections. We remain one of the best dental offices providing tooth extraction in Spokane, WA.

Why Do You Need To Extract Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth extractions are often done to prevent or correct a couple of teeth issues. Some reasons to extract your wisdom teeth include:

Decayed or Poorly Positioned Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth extraction can be used to remove any decayed or poorly positioned wisdom teeth. This will bring you relief and help prevent other complex teeth issues.

Pain and Teeth Discomfort: A lot of individuals feel severe pain or discomfort due to a problem in their dentition. Tooth extraction can be an excellent way to address this.

Overcrowded Teeth: Due to your smaller jaw, your mouth may not be able to accommodate the last set of teeth that grow at the corners of the mouth. With tooth extraction, you can prevent your mouth from getting overcrowded with teeth.

Others: Wisdom teeth extraction can be done to prevent bone damage, gum infection, and inflammation. The procedure can also be done to prevent potential destruction of surrounding healthy teeth or jawbone.

Choose Us for Your Tooth Extraction in Spokane

At Spokane Oral Surgery, we are experts in wisdom tooth extraction. Our experts will carry out a comprehensive examination to evaluate the issue with your teeth. The extraction surgery is carried out under appropriate anesthesia. This will keep you comfortable and eliminate pain or anxiety during the procedure. Everything will be done carefully and expertly to prevent unnecessary complications.

Once the procedure is done, our qualified dentists will provide you with detailed instructions and expert tips on how to take adequate care for your teeth and increase the recovery process. We will also recommend other dental procedures to replace your extracted tooth. This can range from dental implants to bridges, complete or partial dentures and so forth.

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