Before Intravenous Anesthesia Sedation

For information about the adminstration of Anesthesia, please click the link below:


  • You should have nothing to eat, drink, smoke or chew, EXCEPT medications, 8 hours prior to surgery. Please inform us, at the time of scheduling, of any medications you will be taking prior to your procedure NOTE:  The use of marijuana or chemical substances within 24 hours of a consultation or procedure will result in the appointment being cancelled.    
  • Escorts are required for all patients under the age of 18 and anyone receiving sedation.                                            
  • Please wear short sleeves or loose fitting comfortable apparel.
  • NO flip flops.
  • Contact lenses, jewelry and ALL piercings in the head and neck areas must be removed prior to surgery.  (This includes earrings, ear gauges, piercings in the nose, tongue and eyebrows, etc., regardless of the material.)  These items created distorted x-rays/images, thus causing unclear surgical sites.
  • Your mouth and teeth should be well cleansed prior to your appointment.
  • If you have had adverse reactions to any medicine, it is important that your surgeon knows about this prior to your procedure.
  • Extra hydration the day prior to surgery is encouraged, as it does aid in the recovery process.  Please take into consideration the 8 hour limitation above.
  • Please arrange for childcare on the day of your procedure.  Children may not be left unattended in our office.
Patient Escorts