Save Your Teeth with Bone Graft in Spokane

Bone grafting in dentistry involves a surgeon taking a section of bone from another body part or using a bone grafting material and places it on your jaw bone. This graft will then start the slow and long process of creating new bone. The process could take months because it is important for the graft to become stable before the next steps could be done. Any bone graft in Spokane, fortunately, could be performed at Spokane Oral Surgery.

Reasons Why Bone Grafting Can Become a Necessity

  • To Save Teeth

Periodontal disease can put teeth in peril of becoming loose and eventually fall off. This is mainly because periodontal disease can cause loss of the bones that support teeth. The fortunate thing is that bones can be regenerated with a grafting procedure.

  • Tooth Extractions

One of the most common way bone loss is experienced in the jaw is tooth extraction. Present practices, however, make use of bone grafting material to fill the void created by tooth extraction. This practice helps people to avoid bone loss.

  • Dental Implants

This system requires a small titanium post to be embedded in the jawbone. Dental implants can only work successfully if the patient has good bone volume. Should there be a lack of bone volume, doing bone grafting will help regenerate enough to guarantee a successful implant procedure?

  • Periodontal Disease

Part of periodontal disease is an infection of the gum that eventually destroys the natural support of the teeth. The disease can affect one or more of the following: periodontal ligament, alveolar bone, gingiva, or cementum. But the majority of periodontal disease cases come from those that are induced by inflammatory lesions caused by plaques in the teeth.

  • Dentures or Bridgework

Most dentures and bridge need the bone to hold these in place. However, using unanchored dentures and bridges may result in an eventual bone loss because of not enough stimulation in the mouth to preserve bone.

  • Misalignment

Misalignment may be brought by many things: TMJ, lack of treatment, or normal wear and tear. Such conditions create conditions that may later on make it difficult for a person to chew and grind food properly.

  • Osteomyelitis

This is a type of bacterial infection in the bone marrow and jaw bone. The normal progression will include inflammation that causes a reduction of blood supply to the bone. In the course of treatment, some bone may have to be removed but later replaced through bone graft. The bone graft will restore functions of the bone and make up for loss of growth during the surgery.

  • Get the Right Doctor

It will be difficult for a person to have normal mouth functions if there is significant bone loss. As outlined above, there are many reasons or ways to lose bones. It is a good thing that it can be restored through bone grafting.

Although the procedure is now common, one of the safest things to do is to choose the right doctor for yourself if you do need bone grafting. This will make sure you have a safe and successful procedure. For bone graft in Spokane, head on to Oral Surgery Spokane.